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ILY Story

Hey there, my name is Mercedes! I’m a California girl living in an Aussie world, and loving it! I’m married to my amazing husband, Josh, and together we have a beautiful son named Ford, and my cat Meow Meow!

Over the past couple of years, I have really seen myself grow in many different strengths, one being, the way how I love people. 2020 was the year we thought was going to bring back the ‘Roaring Twenties’… but instead the year roared a little differently and I felt there was a loss of love as we tried to figure out what was going on in the world. Lessons of valuing relationships and not taking anyone or anything for granted really hit home for me. Opportunities for quality time and building connections with people were striped back from us all, as we had to stay home and stay safe.

During this time, I was working from home and pregnant with Ford. I was sad to have missed out on heaps of big celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and even getting to share the birth of our son with our friends and family. With all of these lock downs, we had so much time to do things like cooking, reading, learning new things, and for me… I was practicing new ways to give gifts – from the actual gift, to the presentation of the gift. I found so much joy in it and I wasn’t even getting the gift, I was giving it! Which made me think, “I can do this even bigger!” I wanted to share and bring joy, cheerfulness, happiness and delight through each gift.

So MerILY Gifts was an idea born out of my passion! It's a combination of my name, my love language of GIFTS and making sure EVERYONE feels loved and celebrated! The ILY stands for “I Love You”, which is essentially what you would be saying to the person the gift is going to; and just letting them know that you care!

My favourite part about gifts is the giving, AND THEN seeing the reaction when the gifts get opened. It brings me so much delight to celebrate others and make them feel good! I put lots of thought and time into each gift, making it very personal.

Sometimes people find it hard to choose a gift to give. So then I thought, “Why not make it easy!” MerILY Gifts is a collection of Handmade Hobbies from Small Aussie Businesses all into one box, thoughtfully chosen, beautifully presented and ready to gift to someone you want to celebrate and show that you care! How great is that?! GIFTING MADE EASY!      ILY Story, Photo of Mercedes showcasing her very first gift box, the moment when MerILY Gifts began to become more than just an idea!